Reform Council: New welcome sign to be erected

By Ginger Pearson, Correspondent

The Reform City Council met on Tuesday, March 5th, with all present, except for Councilman Richard Richardson and Councilwoman Pat Wheat

The meeting began with old business being discussed in regard the city park field lighting. Mayor Bennie Harton informed the council that he had contacted four companies for quotes: Mills Electric and Stone & Sons from Birmingham; Premier Electric of Tuscaloosa, and Hattaway Brothers from Vernon. So far, two quotes have been received, with the first coming from Mills Electric, who gave a quote to include 40 lamps being out. The quote also included ballasts and lamps for a cost of $17,035. The second quote came from Premier Electric for 25 lamps to be replaced with ballasts being replaced as needed with a base price of $7,975, however, when ballasts were added to the estimate, it rose to a total of $19,375.

The council passed a motion to table the discussion until the other two quotes come in, and to have someone count the exact number of lamps that need to be replaced.

Other old business discussed was the cost for a drainage estimate. Councilman Charles Hagan said he has spoken with a contractor and was given a rate of $125 per hour for a track hoe with a mulching head and it would cost $1,000 per day, however, Hagan said the job would he done within a week. Hagan stated that it would be more economical to work with the county regarding the main drainage ditches and roadside ditches. Hagan said there would need to be a way to haul materials and someone to haul them, as well. Reform Police Chief Richard Black said that the city had a bucket that could be used to help in hauling the materials. Harton then suggested checking with the county and using their bucket before starting work.

Councilman Hagan said the cost of the city park sign would cost the city $1,175 and the chamber of commerce would be willing to help with half the cost of the sign.

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