Reform Council: City’s water treatment system greatly improved


The Reform Council meeting on Tuesday, March 19 began with Mayor Bennie Harton discussing the quotes for the light repairs at the city park. Harton said the park director took a careful count of the park’s lights to determine exactly how many were needing replaced. Mills Electric had given the city a quote for approximately 40 lights being out, when the count was actually lower.

“The girl’s softball field, he counted that three lights were out. The high school baseball field he counted 10 lights that were out, and the middle field had 11, and the t-ball field had three,” Harton said. “That’s pretty much in line with Premier (quote). It should be noted that all the lights that are out will not need ballasts.”

Harton said he would contact Mills Electric again and ask for a quote on replacing 27 lights, instead of the 40 they gave in the original quote. Harton also mentioned that it would save the city money by not having to replace all the ballasts.


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