Aliceville Council: Back-to-School sales tax holiday set for July 19-21


Aliceville City Council's meeting on March 27 was very brief, as the first item under unfinished business was Mayor Marva Gipson discussing that at the March 13th meeting, Councilman Terrence Windham discussed the council meeting in a separate board meeting to discuss some of the city's matters. Gipson mentioned that the council would hold the board meeting on March 28.

In the discussion tabled from previous weeks regarding the old National Guard armory rental agreement, Gipson mentioned that the meeting would allow the council to figure out some pricing.

"We're going to sit down and try to figure and get an estimate on how much it will cost the city to air condition that auditorium in the armory," Gipson said. "We can discuss that and I will need that information to them by the middle of May."

The discussion of the old National Guard armory rental agreement was then tabled until the council has an opportunity to discuss the pricing of the rental agreement.

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