Reform City Council: Improvements on the way

BY Addie Grace Phillips, Correspondent

The Reform Council meeting held on Tuesday, April 2 began with Mayor Bennie Harton addressing the new quote for 27 new field lights at the city park's baseball fields.

Harton stated that he called Mills Electric to receive the new quote, but said that the representative has not returned his calls. Harton said he would continue to make contact. Councilwoman Pat Wheat said, “As far as I know, I don’t think anything has been done with those lights since they have been put up.” Harton said he did the math on his own, but is still unsure of a definite cost. “Either way we look at it, it will be an expensive venue," he said.

Mayor Bennie Harton also discussed the restoring of the city’s fountain and lamp.

“The good news is that the fountain and lamp post are here, they’ve been delivered,” Harton said. He said the installation is a concern of the city's. Harton states that the rotary will supply the pump that goes into the fountain. “The project needs to be completed by May 15”, said Harton.

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