People of Pickens: Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson


Charlie Wilson has recently hit a milestone in the Aliceville community. The Aliceville First Baptist pastor and his family have been at the church now for 15 years and was recently presented with a plaque for his dedication. Wilson was born in Montgomery at Maxwell Air Force Base and his family moved to Pensacola, Fla. before he was two-years-old. He grew up in Pensacola before attending and graduating from the University of Alabama in 1988. His wife Jill graduated from UA in 1987. Wilson studied communication and sports broadcasting at Alabama, but soon felt a calling to the ministry. Two years after graduating UA, Wilson moved to Louisville, Ky. to study at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Wilson then became student minister at First Baptist Church of Hartwell, Ga. for 10 ½ years before coming to be the pastor for Aliceville First Baptist in 2004, where he has spent his last 15 years. Pickens County Herald editor Brian Hamilton recently sat down with Wilson for an interview.


Q: You’re not much of a job hopper, are you?

A: “I guess there’s been opportunities, because in Baptist life, you’re a free agent, so to speak. You have to feel led or called by another church, but I feel that it’s just been God’s plan for me to be here. I guess that’s the best way to answer that.”


Q:You have family here in Pickens County, so how did that make for an easier transition to Pickens County?

A: “All four of my grandparents are from this area. My mom and dad were both raised in the Aliceville area. My grandfather, Dr. Robert K. Wilson, was a physician here in town and my grandmother, Louise Wilson, was a nurse in his office. My maternal grandparents were Early and Allie Dee Inmon and they lived across the river just in North Sumter County.”

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