Aliceville Elementary students learn about gardening

Aliceville Elementary Students learn to plant and grow flowers.


Pickens County College and Career Center's Teacher Cadet program, which is headed up by Instructor Haley McGee, includes 10th-12th grade students from Aliceville High School, Gordo High School, Pickens County High School, and Pickens Academy who have a desire to become teachers.

McGee and the PCCCC partnered with Aliceville High School and Kaylee Powell, an Aliceville kindergarden teacher, and the students had the opportunity to learn the importance of plants, how to plant a plant, as well as the maintenance a plant needs to survive. McGee took several of her 10th grade students to Aliceville Elementary School last Wednesday, where they showed kindergarteners how to plant flowers.

"This is my first year at Aliceville Elementary School and we decided to do this as a collaborative effort to teach the kids about gardening and growing things and teaching the kids responsibility," Powell said. "The flower beds out here have been very neglected, so we wanted to make it look a bit more pleasing to the eye."

Powell said that each kindergarden class will take a week to do the watering until school is out and then the teachers will maintain the plants over the summer.

"It will give us a little extra homework over the summer break," Powell said.

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