Semi-truck parking ordinance a hot topic at Aliceville City Council meeting


The first item on the agenda was regarding the ordinance to park semi-trucks in the city compound.  City Court Clerk Dineki McCaa reminded the group that in the last meeting there was an ordinance presented to the group and Attorney John Russell read the ordinance.
Councilman Windham asked if there was any community discussion on this. Jimmy Spruill from Spruill Trucking of Aliceville brought up several issues with asking truckers to pay to park in a lot that is not ready for truckers to park in it.  
“There are potholes in there you can lose a bumper in.” Spruill said. “If you want all the trucks to park in that one specific area, its not big enough.  If you are banning us to park in a residential area, most people don’t even know that they aren’t allowed to.”   
Spruill asked the city what they are going to provide for the $300 that the truckers are expected to pay for these spots.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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