Good vs. Evil

Pastor, Bethlehem
Primitive Baptist Church

Our minds are geared to think in terms of good versus evil. Many great works of literature involve this theme. Think of the works of Tolkien, Lewis, Hugo, and others. The themes of good vs. evil are clear. Often it involves good people, even weak ones, who don’t go looking to be a hero, but due to circumstances beyond their control, are thrust into impossible situations. Ultimately, good triumphs.
Today the anti-hero type is in vogue. The themes in such works tend to blur the lines of right and wrong, and leave us wondering who we should be pulling for. So what of good and evil? Are we able to see which is which? And if you see something as evil and I see it as good, who has the final say? If we allow God to set the standard of good and evil (found in the word of a God) there is no issue we face that cannot be answered. It is said of our Lord, that he knows “to refuse the evil and choose the good.” (Isa.7:15). Clearly if Christ states there is evil and good to refuse or choose, then they must be defined.


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