Practical Christianity

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The Lens of the

 I have worn glasses since I was in the eighth grade. I am very thankful the field of optometry can give me something to look through that makes an image much more distinct and crisper. When I look through my glasses, fuzzy borders become sharp and letters stop overlapping with each other. What a blessing!  I have found that without my glasses, at times I see a world that’s not quite reality, and if I act based on a false reality, I will soon find myself in a confusing or dangerous situation.
Suppose I take a casual stroll without my glasses on, and see a stick in my path. In reality, what looks like a stick with my naked eyes is actually a rattlesnake! My behavior would be quite different if I know there is a snake in front of me as compared to a stick! Seeing clearly can most certainly change your perspective on a situation!

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