Aliceville Police Chief Jones warns citizens about scam calls

Aliceville City Council Meeting

By Felicity Holman
Staff Writer

ALICEVILLE- On July 13, 2022, the Aliceville City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Terrence Windham. Councilwoman Rebecca Gilliam was not in attendance.

The meeting began with the invocation, then the council approved the minutes from the previous meeting. The meeting then proceeded to unfinished business.

First in unfinished business was to discuss the park lights.

Mayor Windham stated that there had been requests for the park lights to be turned on at night. It was suggested by Mayor Wind- ham that, for the cost of $75, the lights be turned on for four hours. The money would go towards paying the individual that would turn on the lights, as well as, the park maintenance and cost of electricity. A motion was made to allow the fee, and it was unanimously agreed upon by the council. The last item in unfinished business was the financing of the city’s new tractor.

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