Aliceville Council Approves Transportation Plan Resolution

Aliceville City Council

By Felicity Holman
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE- The Aliceville city council meeting occurred on August 24, 2022. Mayor Terrence Windham called the meeting to order.     
    The council approved the minutes of the last meeting.
    In unfinished business, the council voted to table the ordinance for renaming streets for the next meeting.
    The meeting moved to new business, where the council discussed the transportation plan resolution. The funds will go towards the reparations on 17th Street Northwest.
    “This is something that we have to do every year. We have to dedicate a project toward this transportation plan, and it is due by August 31. For the last two years, it has gone toward 17th Street, and this is the year that we are hopefully going to complete this project.” Stated Mayor Windham.


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