Mayor Windham Discusses National Guard Rental Fees

Aliceville City Council

By Felicity Holman
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE- The Aliceville City Council meeting was held on November 9, 2022. Mayor Terrence Windham called the meeting to order. Councilmember Rebecca Gilliam was not in attendance.
The council approved the minutes of the last meeting.
In unfinished business, Mayor Windham announced that the ordinance for renaming streets would be left on the agenda for the next meeting.
Next on the agenda was new business, where Mayor Wind- ham discussed the national guard rental agreement.
“We had some upgrades to our rental agreement, which is a good thing. Over the last few months, we’ve had some unique events at our places, so we want to make sure that they are covered by the agreement that we have. We also need to upgrade our pricing packages. As far as what it costs to utilize the National Guard Armory, currently, the fee is $200 to rent the building with a $200 deposit. For funerals, the fee is $150 with a $150 deposit. We’re increasing the fees to $400 for rental with a $300 deposit, $1500 for the concert fee, and $300 if someone wants to sell food, and funeral fees will remain the same. This proposal will sit on new business for more discussion.” Stated Mayor Windham.

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