Gordo Council Approves Purchase of Bleachers

The Gordo Town Council agreed to purchase three sets of bleachers for the town’s PARA park, according to the minutes of the Feb. 6 meeting.
Mayor Craig Patterson said that Rusty Adams learned there are three complete set of bleachers  that can be purchased for the park for $4,500. Patterson also noted that the town’s baseball and softball leagues are no longer with Dixie Youth; they are now with USSSA.
A side discussion arose over the need of how much the town does for youth baseball programs versus what the town does for the youth football and cheerleaders. Patterson explained that the town tries to help all groups, but “sometimes we don't have the funding and we have to limit our giving,” he said. The Mayor went on to explain that the town has given to the football and cheerleaders in the past year, and if they will come back and request for more assistance, the town could help them also.
Back to the original issue, Councilman Jim Elmore made a motion to purchase the bleachers. Councilman Jerome Duff seconded, the motion, and it was unanimously approved. (Councilman Terence Williamson was absent.)


See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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