Councilman Reports Road Flooding

Reform City Council

By Felicity Holman
Managing Editor

REFORM- The Reform City Council meeting took place on February 7, 2023. Mayor Melody Davis called the meeting to order.
The council approved the minutes from the January 17, 2023, meeting, as well as the payables from January 18 to February 7, 2023.
The meeting began with old business. The council motioned to appoint the clerk to increase to $500,000.00 to cd# 1011140 (City of Reform). This motion was approved.
Lastly, in old business, the council motioned for the cancellation of the old insurance policy from 1999 with Providence Insurance (with the availability to renew it at the beginning of the year if necessary) as it is unneeded due to new insurance already being in place. This motion was approved.
The next item on the agenda was new business, where Mayor Davis announced that City Hall would be closed on February 20, 2023, for President’s Day.
Mayor Davis then discussed the cancellation of the February 7 training class.


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