Burnham Announces Candidacy for Alabama State Senate District 21

Rick Burnham

Rick Burnham, an attorney based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, formally announced his candidacy for State Senate with a series of events throughout Pickens, Lamar, and Tuscaloosa Counties on June 21. Since that date, Burnham has been actively campaigning in Pickens County and the surrounding areas and has spoken with local civic groups.

Burnham is running for office because he “understands the law and is committed to working with others to improve our state.” His campaign is focused on so-called kitchen table issues that impact the quality of life in his district. He intends to focus his efforts on locally relevant projects, including infrastructure improvements and repairs and rural internet access. He supports increasing job training opportunities, improving the prospects of small business owners, and ensuring equitable wages for workers. Like many others in the statehouse, he calls for Medicaid expansion to ensure Alabamians are able to receive needed medical treatment at local hospitals. Finally, he argues for a state-wide expansion of pre-kindergarten into every school district, saying “Alabama has the best pre-K program in the nation, and all our students deserve access to it.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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