Gary Watt Named ER Director for PCMC

Gary Watt


Big changes have been taking place at the Pickens County Medical Center (PCMC) the past few months. A breath of fresh air in the guise of John O’Neal, recently appointed CEO/Administrator, has brought new life and new changes to the formerly struggling hospital.

The most recent change is the appointment of Gary Watt as new Emergency Room (ER) Director for PCMC. Watt is a Pickens County native and has worked at PCMC for 28 years in both the Operating Room (OR) and the ER. Watt graduated from Carrollton High School and has lived in the Marvin Chapel community of Pickens County his entire life. He applied for the managerial position after the retirement of Dr. Jim Gentry several months ago.

“We are changing the outlook of our whole ER,” said Watt. “Changing the way people see us. I want every patient that comes in there to feel like they are getting good care from each doctor. I think they (the patient) need to be treated with respect and compassion. That’s what I expect out of my employees.”

Many times, ER workers will see the same patients come in over and over. Sometimes these patients are seeking medications for a substance abuse need. This can cause doctors and nurses to become jaded when they know the patient is only seeking medication for abusive purposes. “We see a lot of patients over and over that really abuse the ER,” said Watt. “It (the attitude) has to change. They (the nurses) don’t have a choice. This is the direction we’re going in.”

“I just want to make sure all the people of this county, no matter who they are or what they do, they deserve good care,” continued Watt. “They deserve to be treated with respect when they come in. We need to show our county that we care about their problems and their medical conditions.”

Confidence in the capabilities of the PCMC ER staff and a satisfying experience during an ER visit are key points Watt intends to improve. “And my goal is to strive to make their visit as pleasant as possible, get them in and out as fast as possible.”

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