Steve Flowers

Infrastructure Program Should Be Priority 1

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

As the new quadrennium crests in Alabama government, everybody looks toward a new beginning.  There is a new fresh four years ahead for the newly elected leaders.  They are overwhelmingly Republican.  The Governor is Republican and all of the accompanying constitutional officeholders are members of the GOP.  More importantly, the State Legislature, both the House and the Senate are Republicans.  In fact, over two-thirds of each chamber are Republican.  It is a supermajority.

Last of Famous Probate Judges: Hardy McCollum

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

In Alabama political history, the office of Probate Judge was the most powerful and prestigious position.  In the old days, in every county in Alabama, the probate judge was not only judge, he also appointed all county positions, hired all county employees, and was Chairman of the County Commission.  He was essentially the “King of the County.”

Analysis of General Election

By Steve Flowers, Guest Columnist

A few last thoughts and observations on our November 6 General Election in Alabama.

Our new 55th Governor looked and sounded more like the old Kay Ivey than the one we have seen the past few years and during the campaign.  She was vibrant, succinct and to the point, and had a perfectly timed and unscripted victory speech.  Her green jacket was becoming.  She will be a good governor.  She will tackle the tough issues the state must face in the next four years, especially our infrastructure needs.

More Than Election Going on in Alabama Politics

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

Our gubernatorial election year politics ended yesterday.  However, there have been other political maneuverings and developments going on behind the scenes, which may ultimately have more long-term ramifications in the Heart of Dixie’s political future.

The selection of a new Business Council of Alabama leader is imminent and will probably occur in the next few days.  In addition, the jockeying and wrangling for the U.S. Senate Seat in 2020 has begun.

Frank Johnson the Legend and the Free State of Winston

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

Those of us who are Baby Boomers remember the tumultuous times of the 1960s.  We lived through the Civil Rights revolution.  Those of us who grew up here in the Heart of Dixie witnessed the transpiring of racial integration first hand.  Most of the crusades and struggles occurred here in Alabama, especially Montgomery.