Primary Political Potpourri

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

Now that the dust has settled on the primaries, allow me to share with you some thoughts on the Alabama political stage.

There is an old saying that says the more things change, the more they stay the same. This old adage is true in Alabama politics.

Back to School: Facing the Bully


As the new school year rolls into existence, so too will bullying. Seemingly, these go hand in hand. Although bullying can continue into adulthood — no longer called bullying but harassment, assault, or defamation — school years, and especially the younger to middle years of school, can be a gauntlet of peer pressure, confusion, angst, and awkwardness. This is only exasperated with bullying.

Rural Traffic Accidents More Likely Fatal


e Pickens County Herald o ce receives press releases from all over the country, from all types of people and agencies. is includes press releases from Alabama State Trooper’s public information o cer regarding tra c fatalities in Pickens and the neighbor- ing counties. All too o en, those press releases state a seat belt was not in use.

Because of inertia, meaning an object will con- tinue to move at its current velocity until a force causes

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In Birmingham, Monday July 2, I was very disappointed in a comment Superintendent Jamie Chapman made about the city of Aliceville. It was wrong. It was slander towards us. And it made our city look like we aren’t doing anything.

He attacked our city council, in an open meeting in Birmingham. He attacked it on the issue of the one-cent tax. He said, to the judge, that we didn’t support the resolution. Sure enough, we didn’t. But it was two sides to that story. He didn’t tell the other side.

A Thank You from Pickensville Mayor

Words cannot express the gratitude the Town of Pickensville and Pickensville Community Affairs have  for the support, financially, that has been shown to us.

The Town of Pickensville and Community Affairs is still in awe from the benefits. We are so grateful to all those people that helped make it possible, the vendors, and to all the people that came and showed their support.

We are also grateful to the many volunteers that came out to work at the Pickensville 13th Annual Pre-Fireworks Show and Pickenville’s Bicentennial Celebration.

Primary Runoffs Next Week

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist


Well folks, if you vote in the Republican primary you may want to go back to the polls next week and finish selecting the GOP nominees for several important state offices.  If you are a Democrat the only reason you will need to vote on Tuesday is if you have a runoff in a local race and there are very few of those around.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Tuscaloosa Veterans Medical Center has erected four cottages (nursing homes) to our veterans.

I sat in on a meeting with the directors of these facilities along with patient veterans. The patients made a suggestion that maybe some organization could donate some umbrellas for our picnic tables and some bird feeders. They like to watch the birds feed.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Sell Lemonade


As summer gets into full swing and kids are looking for new activities to cut down on the boredom, some young budding entrepreneurs may decide a lemonade stand is worth a try.

Everybody likes to sell lemonade, it’s cheap, the profit margin is good, it’s easy to make and refreshing, it goes well if you want to have a cookie or two on the side, and nothing says “Awww, how cute,” to grownups like a kid or two running a lemonade stand.

Look Before You Lock, Lock Around the Clock


The summer heat is upon us once again. Throughout the summer, there will be days at the pool, shopping trips, vacations, and disrupted schedules. As you go about your summer, remember to check your back seat to make sure your children are not there before you lock the door to the car. All too often, children are being left in the back seat of the car, forgotten, and much more quickly than you may think, that child can perish from heatstroke.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

My name is Myah Shamery, and I am writing on behalf of Sweet Elite Dance Team.

As founder and coach of Sweet Dream Elite, we are currently working on a major fundraising project that will help us raise money to compete in Pomona, California, July 25-29.

In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses throughout West Alabama. These young ladies are our future of tomorrow. Please send or give us a donation by June 29. We will make sure you receive a receipt for your tax documents.