Neglect of Garbage Payments Results in No Pick Up


During the Pickens County Commissioner’s formal meeting on Mar. 13, Commissioner Drew Elmore brought to attention garbage customers, within Pickens County, who have neglected payment of their AmWaste garage bill for the last two months, will not receive garbage pick up until the bill is paid in full.

Stated Commissioner Elmore, “Talking with the Chief Operating Officer of AmWaste today, I found out that we have 1200 residents that haven’t paid their solid waste bill in two months. They (AmWaste) will cease pickup for non-paying customers on Monday (Mar. 19). If you don’t get your garbage picked up next week, that means you are in arrears with AmWaste. You will need to settle up and then your garbage service will continue. It will not continue to be picked up if you don’t pay your bill.”

Also on the books is a much-needed clean-up campaign for Pickens County. There have been consistent comments regarding litter on the roadsides and intersections. These put Pickens County and its individual communities in a disparaging light.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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