Rate Schedule

  1. Representatives
    • Alabama Press Association
      2027 1st AVE N Suite 1100
      Birmingham, AL 35203
  2. Advertising Rates
    • a. Rates listed are local monthly earned rate unless specified otherwise.
    • b. Local rates are for Pickens and adjoining counties only. All others must pay national rate.
    • c. Listed as black & white only - color is additional.
      Column Inches Rate
      1-14 $6.00
      15-37 $6.00
      38-74 $6.00
      75-149 $6.00
      150-262 $6.00
      263-374 $6.00
      375 & Over $6.00
      National Rate - per inch $9.00 < 15% recognized agency
    • d. Large ad prices are black & white only - color is additional.
      Size Price
      1/8 $94.00
      1/4 $189.00
      1/2 $375.00
      Full $756.00
  3. Commission & Terms of Payment
    • a. Local rate is non-commissionable and available only to local retail and service establishments dealing directly with consumers in our circulation area.
    • b. No cash discount is allowed.
    • c. All accounts are due and payable by the 10th of the month following service.
    • d. A service charge of 1 1/2% per month will be levied on any unpaid balance at the end of the month. The minimum service charge is $1.00.
  4. Advertising Rate Policies
    • a. Liability for errors shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error for the first insertion only.
    • b. All responsibility for errors in ads which are proofed by the advertiser and not marked for correction rest solely with the advertiser.
    • c. All political ads are cash in advance, to be paid when ad is placed for insertion.
    • d. Charges may be made for excessive changes or alterations from the original copy or layout.
    • e. Charges may be made for composition and layout time when ad is cancelled prior to insertion.
    • f. Any sales or gross receipts tax levied during the term of this contract will be passed on to the advertiser.
    • g. The Pickens County Herald, Inc. reserves the right to cancel all advertising without notice when an account is 15 days past due or the advertiser becomes insolvent, makes an assignment for benefit of creditors or is adjudged bankrupt or a receiver of property is appointed. In any which case, the earned rate will apply.
    • h. Failure of the Pickens County Herald, Inc. to enforce those provisions in any way shall not be construed as an abandonment of those rights at any time in the future.
    • i. We reserve the right to change the rates at any time. Current contract holders will be given at least 30 days prior notice to the rate adjustment and have a no-penalty cancellation privilege at date of change.
  5. Special Services
    • a. Proof will be delivered if requested for ads thirty inches or more, providing all copy has been submitted by deadline. All other ads will be available for proofing at our office.
    • b. Tear sheets will be provided, if requested, to all advertisers.
    • c. Clip art services, including contemporary cuts and illustrations, are available for ads at no charge to advertisers.
    • d. Original art, photography and other specialized services are available for a reasonable charge.
  6. ROP Depth Requirements
    • a. Standard page: Six columns to the page. 21 inches deep.
    • b. Ads will be billed in 1/4-inch increments.
    • c. Any ad over 20” in depth on a standard page will be charged for the full page depth of 21”.
    • d. The gutter on a double truck is billed as 1/2 of a column times the depth of the ad.
  7. Contract and Copy Regulations
    • a. The Pickens County Herald, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any or all of an advertisement until said is printed and distributed and to refuse the same or similar ads even if publication has occurred previously.
    • b. We reserve the right to insert the word “advertisement” in all ads, especially “all-copy” ads which may be mistaken for news articles.
    • c. All rates on this schedule are net and non-commissionable to agencies.
    • d. Every effort will be made to meet reasonable position requests. Failure to meet these requests will not constitute cause for adjustments, refund or rerun.
  8. Deadlines
    • a. 5:00 p.m. Thursday.
  9. Mechanical Requirements
    • a. Newspaper standard advertising units of 6-columns. Classified columns are 9 column format (call for sizes.)
    • b. Double truck (two facing pages across gutter): 21 inches wide x 21 inches deep. Billed as 10 1/4 columns wide.
    • c. Tabloid size (special sections and entertainment section). Size of printed area: 10 13/16 inches wide x 11.625 inches deep. 5 columns to a page.
    • d. Printing method: High quality offset press using computer to plate composition. For best reproduction of pre-make ready materials PDF files are preferred. High resolution composite or Pre-Separated files are acceptable. EPS files can be used if both screen and printer fonts are provided. Plates are output at 1200 dpi and 85-100 LPI. FM screening available by request.
  10. Classified Rates
    • a. Classified display is same rate as ROP.
    • b.Reader ads are 32¢ per word with a $7 minimum charge.
  11. Pre-print Delivery
    • a. Preferably delivered by Monday morning before publication.
    • b. Bundled, boxed or on skids.
    • c. Delivery 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. to:
      Mid-South Newspapers, Inc.
      1530 21st Street
      Haleyville, AL 35565
  12. Color Rates
    • a. Spot Color . . . .. . . $100.00
    • b. Process Color . . . . . $230.00


Pickens County Herald - 3500*

*The actual number of copies distributed may vary from time to time and may differ from published circulation figures.

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