The Arrival of Fall in the South


The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone. Last Sunday, Sept. 23, the official beginning of the Fall season began, although we here in the South don’t get many of the benefits of Fall, if ever, until much later in the year.

For some reason, the weather turns even hotter as Fall stands on our doorstep. Summer takes its last stand, a final effort, and temperatures soar into the triple digits. I got in my car about 3 p.m. last week and could have sworn the outer flesh of my skin was burning, sweating, and steaming all at the same time. The thing is, I am used to it. A Southern girl born and bred, my whole life spent in the sweltering waves the heat late-summer brings. I know just because the calendar may say Fall, Mother Nature says, “Don’t put those shorts and sandals away yet.”

However, the days do grow shorter. The yellow butterflies are flying. Allergies are attacking. Flu shots are being given. Fall is on the way. I can see it just on the horizon. It may only last two weeks but come it will.


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