Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT/THANK YOU to Ms. Lakitha Bell, director of Pickens County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). September 5, 2018, Hurricane Gordon shared with me a bit of a “watery” experience. Water covered half my carport!

I thank God for placing it on my mind to make a few phone calls, which led me to Pickens County EMA. On the other end of the phone was a pleasant, concerned voice, who was most concerned about my safety. After providing her with requested demographic information, she stated, “I don’t have any sandbags on hand, but I’m going to make calls to other counties. Don’t worry Mrs. Craig, it’s going to be alright.”

And it was. Within two hours, this “voice” escorted a carrier to deliver 30 bags of sand to my rescue. This voice just happened to be that of one of my former students of Carrollton Unit School, Ms. Lakitha Bell (EMA Director). Thank you, Lakitha. I am so proud of you!

Bernice Ruth Craig,

Aliceville, Ala.