More Than Election Going on in Alabama Politics

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

Our gubernatorial election year politics ended yesterday.  However, there have been other political maneuverings and developments going on behind the scenes, which may ultimately have more long-term ramifications in the Heart of Dixie’s political future.

The selection of a new Business Council of Alabama leader is imminent and will probably occur in the next few days.  In addition, the jockeying and wrangling for the U.S. Senate Seat in 2020 has begun.

Alabama Power President, Mark Crosswhite, prudently cleaned house at the BCA earlier this year.  He organized a team of Cardinals to interview and select a new leader.  Much like the vetting process for a new Pope, the Cardinals meet in total secrecy and send out smoke signals from the Vatican that they have not yet reached a decision.  However, there are smoke signals that a new leader of the BCA is about to be named.  The process has been very private with no leaks.

This entire year long process of removing Billy Canary, who had reigned for 12 years, and selecting a new CEO has been a battle of business titans in the state.  It has been a battle waged behind an iron curtain.

The role of Mark Crosswhite in this change has been clear.  Mr. Crosswhite has emerged as the clear leader of the Alabama Business Community.

The original BCA was forged under the leadership of former Alabama Power President, Elmer Harris, several decades ago.  It had become a toothless tiger in recent years through poor leadership.

Mr. Crosswhite has picked the organization out of the junk pile and given it new life.  Chances for a new beginning happen very few times.  Like in politics, after the election, you must govern.  My belief is that with a new leader and a fresh start the Business Council of Alabama will emerge bigger and better than ever.

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