Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Aliceville, Alabama has a long and rich legacy as the birthplace of some world-renowned educators.  Some families’ names are synonymous with great educators. Thank you for serving as a role model and assisting to mold students’ lives. The positive effects of Aliceville public schools’ education are exhibited world-wide. The public schools located in Aliceville have great administrators and classroom teachers.  School principals are exceptional individuals, and they care for students and the entire teaching faculty and staff. I think the principals in Aliceville possess outstanding leadership qualities and characteristics to be schools’ leaders and CEOs.

What makes Aliceville’s school principals effective leaders? A vast amount of research has been conducted as it relates to school leadership. Aliceville’s principals have the characteristics that are shared by successful school leaders as stated in an article titled “The Eight Characteristics of Effective School Leaders.” Some of the characteristics are: high expectations and ambitions for the success of their pupils, focus on improving teaching and learning with very effective professional development of all staff, a clear and consistent vision, a high level of emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.

Aliceville has two public school principals. I consider each one of them as my “Principal of the Year”. They are an A-Plus group of individuals.


Gerald Shirley

(An Aliceville native)

Retired School


Selma, Alabama