Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Is the sick and disabled Vietnam veteran the forgotten man? The war that he fought in has been dubbed "America's most unpopular war", but he fought and today he is still fighting. Fighting to regain his health, his strength and some of his earning power. And, he seems to have lost some of his confidence in his fellow citizens.

Have American's grown so callous that they can turn their backs on these men who have given so much? The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States doesn't think so. The VFW is pledged to serve the disabled and needy veteran and to aid and comfort his family.

Combat veterans themselves, the members of the VFW and their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who make up its Ladies Auxiliary have met the challenge by lending a helping hand in the battle against doubt, boredom, bitterness, and despair. In Veterans Hospitals, at the seats of government and in the community, you will find VFW volunteers and trained staff members at work in behalf of all veterans.

Thousands of men are bedridden for life and others are destined to spend the rest of their days in wheelchairs or on crutches, as the result of a war they haven't fully understood. Many more have found themselves handicapped in adjusting to the challenges of a civilian life which they feel has passed them by.

A grateful government has provided hospitalization where needed and disability compensation to those with impaired earning power, but no governmental action, regardless of how well meaning, can provide the personal touch and the individual understanding that alleviates fears and eliminates despair.

The VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary have such a program, but funds are needed to carry on a program of this nature. While the VFW raises most of its money from its own members, the public is afforded the opportunity to help through the purchase of a "Buddy" Poppy during the annual VFW Buddy Poppy Campaign.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Make checks payable to:

VFW Post 4767

146 Summerville Drive

Aliceville, AL 35442


Ken Lucas, Aliceville