PCMC and Boa Vida Healthcare end partnership

Recently, inquiries have been made about the decision of the Pickens County Health Care Authority, which owns and operates Pickens County Medical Center, to terminate its management agreement with Boa Vida Healthcare. 

As you may know, Pickens County Medical Center has been under severe financial stress and, in an effort to improve the hospital’s financial condition, Boa Vida was engaged at the first of February of this year to manage the hospital.

Since that time, the Board of the Health Care Authority has continued to closely monitor the operational and financial health of the hospital. In doing so, the Board determined that the relationship with Boa Vida was not achieving the results we had hoped for and was not sustainable. Accordingly, the Board has terminated its relationship with Boa Vida and has returned the hospital to direct management by the Health Care Authority. The Board acted swiftly and decisively in an effort to keep the hospital viable.

Pickens County Medical Center - like far too many rural hospitals - faces many challenges. We appreciate the community’s support and ask that you continue to support us as we move forward.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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