New Gordo field finally complete

Libby Hankins FIeld and Gordo Greenwave Stadium

Managing Editor

GORDO - Recently, the new turf was laid at Gordo's Libby Hankins Field at Gordo Greenwave Stadium. According to Gordo Principal Mark Capps, the new field all began in the summer with the two sinkholes that needed repairing, which was a situation where the school had to shut down the field and entire area surrounding it.
"We had a long process of getting all that drainage fixed, just so we could get back out there safely," Capps said. "We knew (the turf) was going to have to come up to fix the drainage under it, so then we started doing a study and talked to a lot of people. We basically did a 25-year study and found out that it was going to be more economical to go with turf than what we had to pay to keep the field up every year."


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