Positively PCMC: Getting to Know the CEO

John O’Neil, CEO, Pickens County Medical Center


A lot of excitement has surrounded the new CEO of Pickens County Medical Center (PCMC) since he arrived. A new hope has found its way into the community surrounding the hospital, along with the excitement of PCMC being selected as one of only nine other communities for a first-time $2 million grant program.

Born in Peoria, Ill., John O’Neil graduated the University of Iowa in 1978. “I started in healthcare in 1980 and then, after I’d been in it about a year or so, I went back to get my master’s,” he said.

Healthcare wasn’t the only thing O’Neil started in 1980. He began his family when he married his wife, now of 38 years, Lisa, in 1980. While attending Central Michigan for his master’s degree in 1981, their son, Jeffrey, was born. O’Neil’s daughter, Jenna, arrived about four years later.

“My first CEO job (in 1993) was in Booneville, Indiana. It was a 48-bed rural hospital right outside of Evansville. I was there for six years. Then I went to Lourd’s Hospital in Binghamton, New York. I was there from 1999-2009. Then I came to St. Vincent’s (Birmingham, Ala.) in 2009 to almost 2015,” said O’Neil.

“Did you think you were going to retire?” I asked.

“No,” O’Neil laughed, “I never had retirement in mind.”

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