Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In Birmingham, Monday July 2, I was very disappointed in a comment Superintendent Jamie Chapman made about the city of Aliceville. It was wrong. It was slander towards us. And it made our city look like we aren’t doing anything.

He attacked our city council, in an open meeting in Birmingham. He attacked it on the issue of the one-cent tax. He said, to the judge, that we didn’t support the resolution. Sure enough, we didn’t. But it was two sides to that story. He didn’t tell the other side.

The other side is we are paying the same taxes whether there was a resolution or not, he didn’t tell the part about all the calls I made, because I was a councilman back then four years ago, all the calls I made trying to encourage people to vote for that one-cent tax. Because I thought we were going to get an auditorium, or an air conditioner or something, but to me, all we are getting is a school closing.

He had no right to try to make himself look good and big in Birmingham and us look bad. Like the city of Aliceville is not doing anything for our schools. And we have a good city, we are one of the best, we have some of the best workers, best employees, only thing I hate about the whole thing is (I’m talking about me now), is I voted for it. And I supported it and I called people. If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t. Only tax I’m voting for from now on is for the city of Aliceville because we need help, we need things for our city.

He made it sound like, in front of the judge, we are against our schools and we didn’t support our schools. Anyone of us would do anything we can for our schools. I got offended. I was in Birmingham when he said it.

We do everything we can for our schools and we are going to continue to do everything we can for our schools. But he made the statement, all the schools in the county voted for and signed the resolution for the (tax) except Aliceville. He called our name. When he called our name, I wanted to curse him because he had no right to single out Aliceville. He didn’t tell all the other stuff we’ve done. The majority of the tax comes out of Aliceville. He didn’t tell all that.

The mayor and councilmembers did a good job. We represent Aliceville, and nobody, as long as I’m in office, is going to downgrade Aliceville. And that’s the bottom line.


Councilman Robert Wilder,


Ed. Note: This statement was made at an open Aliceville City Council meeting on July 11. When Councilman Wilder saw it did not run in the paper the following week, he requested it be used as a Letter to the Editor.