Carrollton Council Passes Budget, Continues Improvements


Budgets are the topic of this month as local towns, cities, and boards prepare for the new fiscal year. Carrollton is no exception.

After some deliberation, members of the Carrollton Town Council voted to give a five percent raise to the town’s department heads and authorized Mayor Mickey Walker to handle other raises as he sees fit. “You earn it, I’ll give it to you,” said Walker.

A question arose during budget discussions regarding the local fire department’s revenues, and when those revenues were researched and questioned by Carrollton City Clerk Beth Goodson, it was discovered the monies had been transferred to the county Revenue Commissioner, a practice that always occurs. The Revenue Commissioner had released the monies to the County Commission office, which has yet to release the monies to the individual fire departments. Why monies have not yet been released is not clear, but when allocated, will balance budget concerns with the fire department.

The budget for the town of Carrollton was unanimously approved. “We have done extremely well,” proclaimed Walker. “We have gotten a tremendous amount done with a small amount of money.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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