BOE Begins Formulation of Strategic Plan


The October meeting of the Pickens County Board of Education was held this month at the Central Office. Invited to attend was Dr. Ed Nichols, a consultant with a background in administrative education. For about a year and a half, the board has been interested in getting together a strategic plan for the school district with the help of a consultant.

“I have been talking to people, been talking with systems and whatever, and I have Dr. Ed Nichols (ERI Services),” said Pickens County Superintendent of Education Jamie Chapman by way of introduction. “Dr. Nichols is a retired superintendent that’s in a consulting business and he’s the one I’ve been talking to about leading our efforts here in Pickens County. I want to give him a few minutes to talk to you.”

“We’ve met with him this afternoon, our central office. He’s kind of laid out the process. He’s done this before. This is where we’ll have community members from every cluster involved and do a road map we need to get on and get started. And he’s going to take some time and talk a little bit about that,” Chapman continued.

“The way I work through school districts with strategic plans, hospitals, different groups is to have community meetings and as much input from the community as possible,” said Nichols. “We plan to hold at least four community meetings, in Aliceville, Reform, Gordo, and Carrollton. If we need to have a couple of others we can.

“Also, to take data from an online survey, we ask community members to share with us the strengths of the school district, also the challenges they see that the school district should focus on. Where they would like the school district to be in the next five years. We call it the five-year strategic plan.

“We will have a strategic planning committee made up of 30 to 40 people from all across Pickens County. How you develop that committee, that’s your committee and the superintendent will work with you on developing that committee. We will hold them hostage for two days and really work them hard to take all the data we’ve gotten from all across the community, the public meetings, and online surveys to really create what I call the Building Blocks of what the district will look like and look at over the next five years.

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