Aliceville Council Continues to Back Annexation Vision


Seven months have elapsed since Edgar Pruitt, Director of the Aliceville Chamber of Commerce, sought his will upon three important projects for the Aliceville community: annexation, schools, and housing for middle-class rentals. Since his vote-in by the Aliceville City Council, there has been progress. “I’m thrilled to say that after seven months, all of those projects are not only on schedule, we are looking to go into the beginning of the new year with actions on each of them at the same time,” Pruitt told council members at the latest December 12 meeting.

“Everybody said that’s impossible to do,” Pruitt continued. “What I want you to know is…God can make anything happen if we do the work and don’t worry about the outcome.”

While Pruitt speaks energetically about the prospects of Aliceville’s future, there are some noticeable holes in the theory. The theory relies upon all citizens adjacent to the city limits to participate in an annexation into the city limits, which holds a tax increase. Sometimes that increase is about $200 a year. Sometimes more. There could be some households which don’t see an increase, but that outcome is unlikely.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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