Reform council looking to make improvements to city park

Councilman Hagan, left, explains the proposed details of getting a new sign at Reform City Park as Reform Mayor Harton listens.


The Reform City Council is looking to replace the sign at the Reform City Park. Councilman Charles Hagan said the sign will be 4x8 feet and cost roughly $1,200. The city will then be responsible for having the sign mounted and painted.

“I think that it may cost a little more to get something like this, but that’s going to be there,” Councilwoman Pat Wheat said. “The sign that is there now has been there at least 20 years. I’d just rather pay a little more up front and be through with it.”

“We can have a sign maker put it together, but then you’re probably looking at the same amount,” Hagan said. “I’m saying $1,200, but he quoted me $1,175. I didn’t know if there were some additions the council wanted to be made on it, or changes. That (price) would be with us installing it ourselves.”

Wheat made a motion for the City of Reform to buy a new sign for the park and the motion was seconded by Richard Richardson. While a motion was made and seconded, the council never voted whether or not to purchase the sign.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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