Reform City Council: Audit shows positive net assets


The Reform City Council began its bi-weekly meeting on February 19 by going over old business regarding a lease agreement for a local business. The lease agreement was concerning Asia Criswell looking to rent the old city hall building to relocate her business, Asia’s Salon.

“She agreed with everything, but she said that the $300 that we are asking for the lease per month was high,” Reform Mayor Bennie Harton said. “She based that on her clientele, and some of the other similar businesses that are in town. She asked if we could reduce the lease payment to $200 per month. I told her I didn’t have the authority to do that, but that I would bring it before the council.”

The council discussed and resolved the matter by deciding that the lease agreement was declined by the potential tenant because of the rent amount. A motion was made to resolve the matter and the motion carried with all in agreement.

“She declined it, and said it was too much,” Councilman Malcolm Giles said. “If she’s saying it is too much, we’re going to have a hard time getting that money.”

Harton mentioned the possibility of tabling the matter, but other council members sought to make a resolution Tuesday night.

“I think the Criswell resolved itself when she didn’t accept it for that lease rate,” Councilman Charles Hagan said.

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