Aliceville Council: Parks and Recreation committee appointed

Aliceville councilman Terrence Windham talks to the council and attendees about bringing youth soccer to the city.


Mayor Pro-tem Warren Lavender led the Aliceville City Council meeting on February 27, as Mayor Marva Gipson was ill Wednesday evening. The first order of unfinished business discussed was to activate the Parks and Recreation committee and establish the proposed members' terms. 


Mitch Cockrell and Chris Walker were appointed to six-year terms, while Phil Gentry and Matthew Lavender were appointed to four-year terms, and Rob Dahlberg, Demetrius Miller, and Andy Hamlin were appointed to two-year terms. Councilman Terrence Windham explained why it was important to stagger the terms in two year intervals.

"You have to stagger them because if you put them all on at the same time and then they all come off at the same time, then you don't have a committee," Windham said. All six members were appointed to the committee with no opposition.


City Clerk Dineki McCaa said she had researched and the last time the City of Aliceville raised the millage rate was in 1979. In order to change the millage rate, the city council would need to vote in favor. McCaa said Mayor Gibson had suggested that the council table the matter since she was not in attendance.

Windham suggested that the city leave the millage rate as is for 2019.

"Yeah, we can look at it and revisit it, but by the time you consider the cost of the election and the cost of putting that information out there; if we could do it in an election year it would be wiser," Windham said. "We could put it on the 2020 ballot because I think there's elections coming up that year. The opportunity to change the millage rate is always going to go on every year."

The council ultimately passed a vote to leave the millage rate as is.


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