Aliceville City Council

Aliceville Council: Parks and Recreation committee appointed

Aliceville councilman Terrence Windham talks to the council and attendees about bringing youth soccer to the city.


Mayor Pro-tem Warren Lavender led the Aliceville City Council meeting on February 27, as Mayor Marva Gipson was ill Wednesday evening. The first order of unfinished business discussed was to activate the Parks and Recreation committee and establish the proposed members' terms. 


Aliceville City Hall to be used as warming station

Councilman Thomas Wilkins (left), Mayor Marva Gipson (center) and Warren Lavender II (right) listen as Chief Jones speaks regarding the police department.

By Brian Hamilton, Editor

The Aliceville City Council met on Wednesday, February 12, at the Aliceville City Hall. Mayor Marva Gipson began the meeting by appointing District Attorney Andy Hamlin and Demetrius Miller to the park and recreation committee and said that she would appoint at least two others at the next meeting. Aliceville librarian Francis Lewis asked that the city council re-appoint Susan Jones and John Paluzzi. The motion to re-appoint Jones and Paluzzi carried.

Warming Station

Aliceville Discusses Speed Breakers, Annexation Plans, Grant Prospects

BY GENA HUFF, Correspondent

The Aliceville City Council met Jan. 23 for their second session of 2019. The meeting was led by Mayor Pro-Tem Warren Lavender II in Mayor Marva Gipson’s absence.

Beginning as most other council meetings, with old business, speed breakers in certain high-speed risk areas were discussed and tabled again as precise quotes and locations were still under debate. Two areas mentioned for the breakers were the 4th Avenue hill that connects Highway 14 to Franconia Road and later, 5th Avenue near the Food Fare grocery store.

Aliceville City Council Plans Clean-Up Day


The city of Aliceville will be having a community Clean-Up Day, August 25. The event is being led by Councilman Robert “Cookieman” Wilder. When it was brought up during the August 8 city council meeting, it garnered a few suggestions and comments.

Mayor Marva Gipson suggested Wilder ask each council member to get help from their districts. “And then you’ll meet at a certain area, but we’re all going to have to meet here first,” Gipson said.