Commission: Sapps Community Center enters new lease agreement

Pickens County Commission members


The Pickens County Commission meeting on February 26, 2019 began with commissioner Jerry Fitch making a motion to add an item to the agenda regarding changing the name of the Sapps Community Center to Sapps Multi-Purpose Center, Inc. However, Commission Administrator Cheryl Bowles said that the commission would not need to vote on the name change.

"Tim (McCool) has actually said we're not going to have to vote on the name change, but we will have to have a vote on the updated lease to put it in the new name and I don't know if he's prepared to have that paperwork tonight or not," Bowles said. "The current lease is with Sapps Community Center, so the name will change and ya'll will actually have to vote to approve the lease."

McCool stated that all of the paperwork was ready and the lease would be signed as of Wednesday morning. A motion was made and passed for Sapps to enter into a new lease agreement.

"Everything has been signed and all the directors are here, along with the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer," McCool said. "They're ready to go and we'll file all of this tomorrow with the probate office and we will send it to the Secretary of State and everything will be moving along. We just need that lease and we're good to go.

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