Professional Wrestling comes to Gordo

The referee gets between Coach Greg Kosloff and the Ultimate Dragon at the professional wrestling event at Gordo High school on Friday, March 8th.


On Friday, March 8, Gordo’s softball team hosted a professional wrestling event to raise money for the team. The special opening match between New Age Superstar Joe Hogan and Tyler Swaggert got the crowd enthused early with some high flying moves. A semi-main event followed with a U.S. Tag Team Title Match Triple Threat featuring Gordo’s Coach Greg Kosloff and Action Mike Jackson going to battle against current champions Destroyer #1 and Destroyer #2 and WWE Smackdown TV stars ‘Jungle Kings’. The main event then featured The Real Nature Boy Paul Lee versus The Ultimate Dragon.

This was the third consecutive year that Gordo has put on this event and for the third straight year it was a success.

“Concessions did extremely well and pre-ticket sales were good,” Gordo softball coach Greg Kosloff said. “I don’t have a final count (on how much was raised), but it was very, very successful. This is the third year we’ve been doing it and it was more successful than last year.”

Kosloff said he and Gordo wrestling coach Benji Kelley worked together to put together the first wrestling event at Gordo High School in 2017 and it was a huge splash.

“We were looking at ways to raise money for both teams (softball and wrestling), and having been a longtime professional wrestler back in the 70s, and 80s, and into the 90s, we decided to bring pro wrestling here, that hadn’t been here since 1988,” Kosloff said. “One of the most successful events for Southeastern Championship Wrestling, which I worked with, was in Gordo way back in the day, so we thought ‘lets bring wrestling to Gordo’. The first year was, by far, the most successful, but some events you don’t see every day. A lot of people do the golf tournaments and Boston butts and those kinds of fundraisers, so this is something a little more unique.”


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