Carrollton mayor seeks grant to widen ditch on Sanders Street

Mayor Walker is seeking a grant to rectify the flooding situation on Sanders Street in Carrollton.


Carrollton mayor Mickey Walker said he is seeking a grant to widen the ditch between Highway 86 and Highway 17. There has been an issue with flooding on Sanders St., behind the Pickens County Jail, for some time now and the bridge flooded again recently, when Pickens County and west Alabama experienced an excess amount of rainfall. Walker said that widening the ditch would fix the problem with the bridge flooding.

"When we get a vast three to four inch rain, that area is really prone to flood," Walker said. "Owners in the houses in that area need to be very aware of it and make sure they get their vehicles out and stuff. We're trying to seek a grant for widening the ditch from 86 to all the way through Highway 17. I just want the landowners in that area to know that we are trying to widen that and  remedy the flooding in that area.



See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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