Court Square Coffee hosts book signing for mother and son duo

Authors Erich Wildgrube (left) and Paula Wildgrube (center) with illustrator Alexis Jones (right).


Carrollton’s Court Square Coffee held a book signing on Monday, April, 15th for a mother and son duo from Tuscaloosa. Erich Wildgrube’s book “The Empress and the Archer” was available for purchase and signing, while his mother, Paula Wildgrube, was also there with her book titled “To CATch a Thief”.

“It’s about a young girl who becomes the empress of a fantasy kingdom after her father dies and she has to protect it from invasion by goblins and druids and what not; all the good fantasy stuff,” Erich Wildgrube said. “In the process of that, she finds out about an ancient hero’s prophecy to help save the day and she goes to find him and when she finds him, she realizes that she’s just an average kid from our world.”

Erich is currently working on his sequel for “The Empress and the Archer” at the moment.

“They’re going to be duologies, so it’s going to be two books that tell a story and another two books in the same universe that tell the next part of the story,” he said. “I’ve got four of those planned right now.”

When asked about his inspiration to write the book, Erich said it came from a dream.

“I had a dream about this great golden eagle flying out over the forest and over the plains,” Wildgrube said. “That was the original idea, where it all started from, and the rest of it just evolved from that point.”

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