People of Pickens: Shawn McDaniel

Shawn McDaniel


Shawn McDaniel was born in Carrollton and currently resides in Gordo. He is a 1999 Carrollton High School graduate is in his 12th year as an educator in the Pickens County School System and is currently assistant principal and a Biology instructor at the Pickens County College and Career Center. Being an educator is just one of the many hats that McDaniel wears, however, as he is the Pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Gordo, serves as chairman for the Pickens County Medical Center board, and also helps coach his son’s Dixie Youth baseball team. Pickens County Herald Editor Brian Hamilton recently sat down for an interview with McDaniel.

Q: How do you find time to do everything you do?

A: “Without the support of my wife, it would not be possible. She definitely helps me with the kids and developing organization time and structure, which is vital to carry out the things that need to take place.”

Q: So I understand that you’ve lived here in Pickens County your entire life?

A: “I started out here in Carrollton and then spent some time in North Pickens. I then moved over to Gordo with my grandmother and lived with her until I graduated high school. I now live in Gordo with my wife, April, along with my two sons, Noah and Eli.”

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