PCMC welcomes new detox and recovery program

Journey Detox and Recovery, LLC, founded in 2012 at Clay County Hospital by CEO Lamar Ward and CFO Kathy Evans. The program is an inpatient medical detoxification and recovery facility where all phases of recovery are managed. The program's priority is to help patients detoxify their body without putting any other chemicals into the body, such as suboxone, a drug that is used to treat pain, as well as addiction to narcotic pain relievers. Soboxone, however, places patients at a high risk for addiction and dependence, and when taken in large doses or with alcohol and other drugs, can result in respiratory distress or death.
"We want to thank Pickens County Medical Center for allowing us to serve the community in this capacity," Ward said. "The goal is for each patient to spend six midnights (one week) on the unit, with the intention of going to long-term care after leaving the detox program."


See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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