PCMC One of Nine Hospitals in U.S. to Receive Grant

On behalf of the Health Resources Services Administration’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP), and Delta Regional Authority (DRA), The National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center) is excited to announce Pickens County Hospital has been selected to participate in the Delta Regional Community Health Systems Development (DRCHSD) Program.

Through the DRCHSD Program, the DRA and FORHP have partnered to support nine rural communities with an opportunity to receive intensive technical assistance (TA).

The TA consists of various assessments, onsite consultations, workshops and educational trainings, which will be provided through a multi-year phased-in approach. The Program is designed to increase the efficiency of the local health care delivery system practices by focusing on care coordination, social services integration, emergency medical services access, and workforce recruitment and retention with the goal to:

• Improve financial position and increase operational efficiencies

• Implement quality improvements that support an evidenced-based culture for improved health outcomes

• Address workforce recruitment and retention needs

• Increase use of telemedicine to fill service gaps and access to care

• Ensure access to and availability of Emergency Medical Services

• Integrate social services to address socio-economic challenges

• Enhance coordination of care and develop a community care coordination plan

• Strengthen the local health care delivery system to position for population health

With the support of the DRA and FORHP, The Center is proud to recognize Pickens County Hospital for this outstanding accomplishment! The Center looks forward to working Pickens County Hospital and its community of Carrollton.   

Pickens County Medical Center is honored to have been chosen to participate in this strategic process.  It is a testament to the commitment of the board, physicians, hospital staff and the federal government to build a sustainable healthcare system for the rural communities served by the Medical Center.

To learn more about the DRA and FORHP collaboration to support rural communities through the DRCHSD Program, visit the Delta Regional Authority website.