Engineer Bonner discusses fire hydrant accident: ‘That one accident drained the entire system’

Reform City Engineer Jonathan Bonner discusses the recent accident where a fire hydrant was hit in the city.

REFORM - The Reform City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Melody Davis on February 2, 2021 with all council members present.
The minutes from the last meeting of January 25, 2021 was approved by the council as well as the payables.
The first item on the agenda in old business included the council’s approval of  the September 30, 2020 audit given by Don Wallace.
The audit was given on ways to improve costs and income increase for the city of Reform.
“This is just a public notice to show that the audit has been reviewed for the last physical year of September 30, 2020,” Wallace said. “It is highly summarized. It includes the network bases to show appreciated of assets and all the types of things related to a business enterprise.”
Wallace mentioned that the audit showed that Reform was a lot negative this year in recognized expenses than income but overall there is a strong network over $5,661,000 dollars.
Wallace mentioned to the council that there was a clean report with no significant issues and that the most adjustment was of a routine year for payables receivable for long term debt, RDS, Avenue fees.


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