Reform Council announces upcoming city repairs

Reform Council discusses city’s upcoming culvert repairs.

By Felicity Holman
Staff Writer

REFORM- The Reform City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Melody Davis. The council approved of the minutes as well as the payables. The meeting began with old business, and Councilmember Charles Hagan announced the city's upcoming culvert repairs. “I went around with Mickey Walker. His construction company is giving us quotes on the repairs. The culvert at the park is rusted out at the bottom, and over by the Methodist Church, that culvert is caving in pretty bad on the east side. I put up some flagging to bring attention to it. To me, the intersection be- tween 4th street and 2nd avenue is the most critical area because there is a lot of traffic through there. It’ll be around $1000 to fix the one at the park. We can put a bandaid on that by just building it up with some asphalt. Mickey said we’d probably get about three years out of that, but eventually, that culvert will need to be replaced.” Stated Hagan.

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