Reform Council Sign Resolution for the Rebuild Alabama Grant

Reform Council discusses resolution for transportation plan with Rebuild Alabama.

By Felicity Holman
Staff Writer

REFORM- The Reform City Council meeting occurred on August 2, 2022. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Melody Davis.

The council approved the minutes as well as the payables. In old business, the donation of funds for the Youth Football League was tabled for further discussion. The council voted for and signed the Rebuild Alabama Annual Transportation Plan resolution in new business.

“I applied for the Rebuild Alabama grant for the roads. $250,000. I checked with the engineer assigned to help with that project, and he has not yet heard anything. However, they have another draw in September. If we don’t get it in September, then we will have to reapply, which I don’t mind at all. This resolution goes along with the Rebuild Alabama Transportation Plan. Each year we have to resolve the Rebuild Alabama Grant; just in case we get it, we have to show that we have the resolution for it.” Said Mayor Davis.


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