Carrollton City Council Reinvests in Town


At the Town Council meeting May 3, councilmembers voted to reinvest savings, gained from recent improvements, back into the community. The town saved money through both a good deal on surveillance cameras and audio-recording equipment, and a generous donation of office furniture and evidence lockers for the new Carrollton Police Department/City Court site.

Special thanks from Mayor Mickey Walker was given to Jamie Chapman, Pickens County Superintendent of Education, and the Pickens County Board of Education for the office furniture, tables, and locker donations. “They gave us a large amount of equipment so that all we need is a few chairs,” said Walker.

Sherry McGee, a representative for the Pickens County College and Career Scholarship Foundation, was at the May 3 meeting. “We are very close to being able to fund every one of the applicants that put in for a scholarship,” said McGee. “We like about $2,700. That’s wonderful news, but we’ve still got to get out and get this money.”

The scholarships are for tenth-, eleventh-, and twelfth-grade students, in all public, private, and homeschool situations in the county, who apply and meet eligibility requirements. “They have to meet certain criteria,” said McGee. Grade-point average, financial situation, and teacher evaluations all play a part in meeting that criteria. A scholarship costs $384, and the Foundation, although accepting of any donation amount, has different “levels” of donations: bronze at $400, silver at $750, and gold at $1,000.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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