City Council

Aliceville Council Hears Recommendations Regarding City Eyesores

The building on 3rd Avenue in Aliceville, formerly a funeral home and a Methodist church, is still waiting either for repair or demolition. The city may file suit against the property owners if some action to alleviate the problem isn’t promptly taken.


As far back as June 27, the Aliceville City Council has been working to get the former funeral home on 3rd Avenue either demolished or repaired by the owners.

Aliceville Park Needs Work Before Season Begins

Bailey Gibson Dixie Youth Field’s press box at Aliceville City Park may contain the switch for the scoreboard on the far side of the field, but entry is blocked off and the door padlocked. A scoreboard is a necessity if the city is to host any All-Star games.


Alabama Dixie Youth Baseball games will kick off mid-April, and Pickens County is gearing up for another great season. But to provide comfortable surroundings and facilities for spectators, parents, coaches, and kids, some parks will need a bit of rejuvenating to achieve success. Aliceville will be hosting not only their own city’s league at the park, but Reform’s city league will be playing at the Aliceville park as well.