Evans Announces Candidacy for State Treasurer

Stephen Evans

Like many in his generation, Stephen was an army brat born overseas. At the conclusion of his father’s service, Stephen’s family moved back to Talladega County. Like many in Alabama, the textile industry downturn led his father to seek a new path to providing for his family. This led to the family moving to the Wiregrass in 1995. It was in the Wiregrass that Stephen met his youth pastor’s daughter. In 2008, they married and settled down. They have been blessed with one daughter, Tallulah Grace.

Stephen has fourteen years’ experience consulting to both individual and institutional investors. I am most proud of my work in both the design and implementation of financial wellness programs. These programs were designed to give an individual an understanding of how to credit works, how to pay off debt, and create a household budget.

It is through this work, I realized the possibility of providing a statewide financial wellness program. The Treasurer’s office has for too long been is an untapped resource for the people of Alabama. If you ask the average Alabamian: “What does the Treasurer Do?” you will most likely receive two responses: 1) Unclaimed Property, or 2) I do not know.

Stephen’s goal for the Treasurer’s Office is to transform it from merely a caretaker of unclaimed property and state funds into a resource that will improve the quality of life for all Alabamians.

• Protect Taxpayers – the experience necessary to serve as a watchdog on state spending, investments

• Protect College Savings- Investment experience is necessary to protect college savings

• Government Accountability – the office of the Treasurer will be open to the public

• Financial Wellness – Create a statewide financial wellness program teaching all Alabamians

• How to create a budget?

• How to pay off debt?

• What is credit?

With the proper leadership and vision, the Treasurer’s Office can design and implement multi-generational life-changing financial programs to help increase financial literacy in our state. By partnering with local financial professionals this program will be implemented with minimal costs to the state.