Burglar Plays Hide-and-Seek with Aliceville Police


Early Tuesday morning, July 17, the Aliceville Police Department received a 911 alarm call for Food Fare around 2:30 a.m. Officers responded to the call within minutes but found no one at the scene.

After viewing video evidence from surveillance footage surrounding the building, Aliceville Chief of Police, Tonnie Jones, was able to tell what had happened. “Looking on the camera, we did get somebody that had came in and fallen through the roof,” said Jones. “He made an attempt, after falling through the roof, to get into the ATM machine, but was unsuccessful.”

Video showed the intruder tripped the alarm and in doing so, attempted to exit the building. “We did a perimeter search,” said Jones. “We did not find the offender. I called Pickensville to bring the dog due to the call I got that the offender was possibly still in the store. The dog was unsuccessful (in locating the perpetrator) as well. So, we did a perimeter search again.”

Once again, the intruder evaded detection. The search began throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. “I continued looking at the camera to see exactly what the camera showed,” continued Jones. “After looking at the camera myself, I noticed it to be somebody that we’ve had dealings with in the past.”

That person was one Jermaine Peoples, 33, of Aliceville. “At that time, due to what I saw on video, there was enough for me to obtain warrants for him (Peoples),” said Jones.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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